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        Service support
        Industrial computer embedded system leader
        Technical support
        VIP exclusive customized service

        There is often only one step between ideal and reality. ANOVO CO.,LTD. sincerely helps customers rely on a strong and professional technical research and development team, world-class manufacturing equipment, and a nationwide sales and service network. Anovo is committed to realizing our dreams and working hand in hand with you!

        The development process of each ANOVO product follows the clear structure provided by modern innovation and project management, from initial creativity, to technology implementation, to sample manufacturing, as well as indispensable production and testing systems. Flexible, efficient, digital and sustainable guarantee the future production of Anovo.

        For decades, ANOVO Group has been committed to developing and manufacturing ingenious products to help customers create more advanced complete sets of equipment. Based on a rich and comprehensive range of traditional industrial computer equipment, integrated computer equipment and embedded system equipment, Anovo has become the world's leading supplier of industrial control computer products and systems.

        ANOVO CO.,LTD. has established a set of corresponding service mechanism and work flow in the process of pre-sale, project planning and implementation and after-sales service, providing customers with comprehensive, accurate service consultation and thoughtful and fast service implementation, and enabling customers to experience the speed, temperature and height of ANOVO service. We provide dedicated, considerate and reassuring VIP customized services for customers' needs, and strive to build and cultivate industrial computer service brands with ANOVO characteristics, covering multiple fields, including intelligent transportation, smart banking, smart medical care, smart equipment, smart energy, etc.  

        ● National Service Hotline:

        00862154262222 (Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00--18:00)

        ● Holiday duty hotline:

        National Sales Director: 0086181-9097-1023

        Technical Support Manager: 0086185-2135-6173