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        Meditation and self-cultivation, massive study, carry forward the spirit of ingenuity

        2021-05-10 506

        On May 9th, on the occasion of Mother's Day, Anovo North China launched a unique activity to further unite efforts, carry forward the spirit of ingenuity and manufacture of Anovo people, and promote Anovo people to have a better understanding of the company's ingenuity culture.


        There is a saying in the Buddhist sutra that "writing a line and half a sentence of the sutra can achieve a great wish." Under the influence of the Dharma, a piece of piety can nourish wisdom and blessings. In the morning, Anovo's friends bathed their hands, burned incense, listened to music, sipped ink, fell, absorbed body and mind in smelling scriptures, and nourished temperament in calligraphy.


        In the afternoon, my friends came to Shunchang Road and walked along the small road crowded with century-old shops, shuttling through the old alleys filled with large industrial relics. The memories of Shanghai, such as the hidden giant Shikumen, the birthplace of Shanghai's modern art, the last "tiger stove", the last tin shop, the oldest photo studio, and so on, make the children linger. Shanghai has been constantly integrating western civilization and technology. Because of the unique open attitude of Shanghai culture, it has created an international metropolis with developed economic and technological industries.



        The craftsmen of the century-old shop.


        Brown artisan


        Bamboo carpenter


        Uncle Noodle


        Aunt cheongsam

        My friends have different feelings.

        -- Hanson

        Today, although some buildings in Shanghai are about to be demolished and relocated, only when the cocoon is broken can it blossom with splendor, all in order to keep up with the pace of the times. We have witnessed how the metropolis of Shanghai has been transformed into the largest financial city. At the same time, it reminds us of Anovo North China as the first echelon of industrial computers, with a large number of customer resources and product technical experience, service to customers, satisfaction with customers, is always our purpose, to control the quality of products, pay + efforts + unity + change + innovation. In addition, it reminds us of how our company can go to a higher level. employees must work hard, do their job well, be responsible and ensure the quality of their products.

        -- Lily

        The most impressive place today is the landmark of Shunchang Road-the former site of Shanghai Art College, which was built by Liu Haisu in many ways. It was completed in 1925 and is called "Cantian Pavilion". Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts occupies an important position in the history of Chinese art education. after more than half a century, the appearance of this teaching building has not changed much, with its quaint water-style door and the daily life of several generations behind the door. Shunchang Road is located in the center of Modu. Although it looks old, you can still feel the amorous feelings and way of life of old Shanghai. Shunchang Road is an old road that has undergone changes. in the changes of this road, it shows the past, present and future of Shanghai.

        -- Barton

        The market life on Shunchang Road is about to disappear, especially the cheongsam aunt who taught herself to design. The spirit of all kinds of century-old shop craftsmen is worth carrying forward and inheriting. We cannot stop the changes of history. The lack of affection, friendship and tenderness in the reinforced concrete forest. It deserves all of us to pay attention to and think about.

        -- Alex

        After today's visit and the explanation of the tour guide, I feel the rapid development of Shanghai and China, the former brick houses are gradually replaced by modern buildings, hoping to retain some landmarks for future generations to remember.

        -- Ray

        Walking through the road full of century-old shops, I am fortunate to see the last tiger cooker and brown bandage in Shanghai. Some things will gradually disappear with the changes of history, and good products will be used for decades or even centuries.

        -- Peter

        Through scripture copying to purify my heart like never before, with the music thinking of me who was happy in my childhood, thinking of me who has just joined the job now, and imagining what I will look like in the company in the future. In the afternoon, I visited the former site of the city, aware of the changes of the city, social progress, once great, today's prosperity, the wheel of history, ups and downs, life in the world, but smoke, thinking about the value of my life, how I should contribute to the society. The activities of this day made me feel the culture, value and warmth of Anovo, a kind of belonging and a fate, please cherish it.