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        Tribute to the workers! Spring is full of Anovo, passion blooms in North China

        2021-05-01 527

        Anovo North China Science and Technology.

        Labor is the most glorious.


        May is a warm season.

        May is the season of youth.

        May is the season when flowers are in full bloom.

        May is the most glorious season for labourers.


        It is also a lively scene of "blooming flowers" to enter Anovo North China Company in full bloom and into the scene of Anovo North China workshop. The machine tool is busy, the welding flowers are clear, the material is clean and orderly, the warning is eye-catching, the logo is fresh, the responsibility is clear, and the heart is smooth. There is no distinction between you and me here, only the same name "Anovo people ".


        The new era is a struggle, and the "Anovo people" make unremitting efforts to face the new journey and show new deeds with their high-spirited labor spirit, exquisite labor skills and distinct labor value orientation.