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        This dark horse really lives up to expectations

        2021-04-25 544

        Anovo North China Technology April 25

        The first Chengdu International Industry Fair 2021 came to a close on April 24 at the Western China International Expo City. Anovo North China sincerely thank you for coming to the CIIF and participating in this grand event with us.


        Wonderful review.

        The audience poured in and returned with a full load.

        During the event, the atmosphere was warm, there was a steady stream of visitors, the enthusiasm of the audience continued to run high, and technical and purchasing engineers from many industrial fields poured in. Anovo North China has become a "dark horse" in the exhibition, attracting more than 8, 000 professional visitors to visit, inquire and negotiate.


        Ingenious manufacturing, showing "housekeeping skills"

        This exhibition, Anovo North China ingenious manufacture of intelligent manufacturing, rail transit, self-service terminals, smart and convenient areas of a number of new products are rave, with nearly 100 units reached the intention of cooperation. This fully demonstrates the era of Anovo North China as an industrial computer and embedded system provider, and will become a "weather vane" leading the development of industry wisdom.


        Anovo North China will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of continuous innovation, ingenious manufacturing, hand in hand and win-win future, focusing on customer demand and satisfaction, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-reliability industrial and embedded computer system products, serving industrial automation, network communications, medical electronics, self-service terminals, rail transit, military and national defense and other fields.