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        About us
        Industrial computer embedded system leader
        Company history
        • 2020-08

          Huabei introduces new million level dust-free space

        • 2019-11

          Huabei complete machine production line was officially completed at the source of Shanghai G60 science and innovation corridor

        • 2017-10

          Huabei joins Intel ? Alliance of technical partners

        • 2013-10

          Batch application of Huabei PIS product line in Iran and India

        • 2012-08

          Huabei rail transit PIS product line has successfully passed millions of experiments in Shanghai special equipment supervision and Inspection Technology Research Institute

        • 2011-10

          Huabei technology has become one of the high-tech enterprises in Shanghai

        • 2010-06

          Huabei joins Intel embedded Communications Alliance

        • 2009-10

          Huabei ANOVO IGO 300 embedded fanless industrial computer has passed the certification of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

        • 2007-11

          Huabei launched Intel Q35 full-length industrial CPU card based on the latest PCIMG1.3 architecture in China

        • 2006-10

          Huabei POS-852 product won the independent innovation award of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

        • 2006-08

          Huabei 945S product won the best design award of Intel in the United States

        • 2005-07

          Huabei POS-852 obtained the project certificate of Shanghai torch plan

        • 2005-05

          Huabei was rated as the "best supplier in China" by the "global importers and Exporters Association"

        • 2005-02

          Huabei joins Intel Communications Alliance (ICA)

        • 2004-08

          Huabei NOVO-7845 was born (the only Celeron D board based on INTEL845GV in the industry)

        • 2004-06

          Huabei technology introduces SMT equipment and testing line, which indicates that Huabei technology has the ability to produce a full range of products independently

        • 2004-03

          Huabei has established the largest industrial control level chip maintenance center in East China to enhance the maintenance capacity of products

        • 2003-11

          With the establishment of Huabei R & D center and R & D team, it has the ability of independent development. At the same time, it is also the most powerful motherboard R & D team in the Yangtze River Delta

        • 2003-09

          Huabei has become one of the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Shanghai

        • 2003-06

          Huabei has passed ISO-9001 certification

          Huabei US branch established

        • 2003-05

          Anovo Germany Branch established

        • 2002-05

          Huabei chassis factory was completed and rpc-910 industrial chassis series was born

        • 2001

          Huabei settled in Shanghai Caohejing National High Tech Park

        • 1992

          Huabei established in Shanghai