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        Smart Energy

        Smart Energy: application of industrial computer in high-speed railway traction substation

        China has become the country with the longest mileage, the fastest running speed and the highest construction standard of high-speed railway in the world. The particularity of high-speed railway traction load and the complexity of power supply system put forward higher requirements for traction power supply technology. The successful application of ANOVO CO., LTD. industrial computer in high-speed railway traction substation promotes the rapid development of smart substation technology and has a profound impact on the smart traction power supply of high-speed railway.


        ANOVO CO., LTD. PPC117T industrial tablet computer helps Lunan high-speed railway traction substation project. The railway train power supply is two 220 kV power supplies connected from the local power supply system. After passing through the main transformer, the train power supply is outputted to the catenary wire above the train at 27.5 kV and supplied to the train power system through the train pantograph. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the power supply system, the substation adopts a dual power system, and the two adjacent substations can supply power to each other, and four sets of transformer equipment in the substation are divided into active and standby groups. When the power supply system fails along the way, at the same time, the industrial computer will automatically switch to the backup power supply system within 5 seconds, providing reliable power supply for the operation, and passengers can not feel the change in speed at all.


        ANOVO CO., LTD. 's industrial computer PPC117T is designed for energy systems and industrial field applications. The whole machine adopts advanced cooling system without fan, which can significantly reduce the maintenance problems caused by traditional fan, and can work in unattended outdoor environment all the year round. Its dustproof, fast, low radiation, anti-interference, strong electromagnetic compatibility and other characteristics, can ensure that the power system workstation can still work normally for a long time in the event of natural disasters.